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Jung Chen Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1998, is a professional R&D and manufacturing company. Have best engineering team, strong R&D capacity, can provide strong technical support and real-time feedback to customers. Have rich manufacturing capabilities and good production system, can provide varied service from components to assembly products. Have high quality-control system, can provide high-quality and competitive products to customers. Jung Chen focus on customers’ needs and provide a total solution to each customer.


1998 Manufactured coil、transformer and mechanical precision parts for SMT machine;
2001 Supplied ARM& BRACKET of hard disk for MAXTOR;
2003 Supplied Spacer of hard disk for Western Digital;
2004 Manufactured and assembled the mechanical parts of microscope for LEICA;
2005 Pass the ISO9001 2000 certificate for all products ;
2006 Successfully developed Disposable Prophy Angle and got the patent;
2007 Supplied the stamping parts and mechanical parts of IGBT for SEMIKRON;
2008 Established a subsidiary company for surface treatment, including nickel plating,
         silver plating,gold plating and anodising services;
2010 Reformed the management mode and optimized company's sources;
2010 Medical products department passed NQA ISO13485 certificates;

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